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Company Background

Fresh off of a highspeed 3D printer project, founders Cooper Zurad and John Phillips were frustrated by America’s clumsy, bulky, and opaquely priced industrial manufacturing equipment. So they set out to change that. Rack Robotics, they planned, would make industrial machine tools affordable, effortless to use, and easy to maintain.

Seeing a significant gap in the Maker/RepRap toolkit, Cooper and John focused their efforts on creating the Powercore, the world’s most affordable, self contained electrical discharge machining (EDM) power supply. They were able to rely on their combined experience with non-traditional machining techniques and their wonderful Youtube and Discord communities for ideas and support. The founders concentrated on ease of use and machine compatibility. The Powercore was designed to easily integrate into almost any 3D printer or CNC machine. With the Powercore, Makers would be able to create complex, solid metal components on their desktop. All for the price of a common 3D printer.

Thanks to careful planning and their combined related technical experience, the founders had met their goals by early 2023. Following significant interest from their respective communities of hobbyists, they then launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowd fund manufacture of the Powercore.

While the Powercore brings heretofore unseen capability to desktop machines, the Founders view this as only the beginning. They plan to use Rack Robotics to fundamentally transform the expectation of machine tools from high cost and high skill to affordable and effortless.


The Powercore, by Rack Robotics

The Powercore by Rack Robotics is an affordable, self-contained EDM power supply. The Powercore can be used with any 3D printer or CNC machine to create a unique and powerful EDM machine.

A Voron V0.2 Toolhead Customized with EDM Metal Inserts

Above: A custom 3D printer toolhead made with EDM.

Above: A variety of custom parts made with the Powercore

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Founder Bios

Nick Reed, CEO

An expert in physics and mechanical engineering, Nick Reed has extensive knowledge of manufacturing.

Cooper Zurad, COO

An expert in additive manufacturing, Cooper Zurad has a background in aviation, has done ground-breaking research in small scale electrochemical machining.

John Phillips, CTO

A degreed biochemist, John Phillips has a decade of additive manufacturing experience.