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PREORDER - Powercore V2 Wire EDM Starter Kit

PREORDER - Powercore V2 Wire EDM Starter Kit

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Contains everything you need to convert your 3D printer or motion system of choice into your very own wire EDM machine! With the Powercore V2, Wire Tool Kit, and 250g of EDM wire, you'll be up and cutting in no time.
This is a pre-order! Shipping expected to start April of 2024.

What's in the box:
  • Powercore V2 and Accessories
  • Wire Tool Kit and Accessories
  • 250g of 0.3mm, Coated, Hard Brass Wire


  • Optimized for Wire EDM",
  • Open-Source Hardware & Software
  • Up to 180 Watts EDM Power Output
  • Up to 18 mJ per EDM spark
  • Up to 10 Khz Maximum EDM Pulse Frequency
  • Dual-core RP2040 Microcontroller up to 133 MHz
  • Real Time Current Sensing Telemetry
  • External PSU Enable Safety Feature
  • ***Ender3 not included***

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